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Cannot access default vault as regular as a regular user account

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Hi there,

I believe in the process of renaming roles I've caused a problem with the default vault as even thought users have permission to access that vault, out of nowhere all my non administrator users cannot access the vault anymore. When I was creating new roles on the MS SQL server I had some weird errors when it would sometimes not all all users that I selected to the role. I had to open the role again and add the missing users once more. Maybe that is just another sign the my MS SQL server is begging for retirement.

I've created another vault and manually gave all the same permissions which is just a single check box and it worked fine

Any suggestions on what else I could try?

Clock5 mths


Are you using the latest RDM version 2019.1.34? If so, there is an issue with that version and our engineering is working on it to find a solution.

Please see that forum topic to get the latest information about it.

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock5 mths

I'll try this now, thanks!

Clock5 mths