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Time-dependent role.

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Perhaps an option for remote desktop manager based on current use with us. For various folders that are available / visible for specific groups (Custom permission - role) it sometimes happens that a consultant is added (which does not have this role) and for which we then assign a TmpRole to this user and he therefore can make these connections.

At the end of the day, or when he is done with his work, this role will be removed from this consultant. Is it possible to have this last operation performed automatically by RDM, for example, that you can assign a role to a user who then (adjustable when assigning) automatically disappears again after a certain time, or day, with this user.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

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Hello Marcel,
Do you think that we could simplify this and assign a time restriction per user and not per role?


David Hervieux


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Hi David,

For the scenario that I am referring to, it is actually a standard user who has in basic access to various folders in RDM and then for a given time, one or more folders/sessions need to be avaliable for him also (activated with a timebased -role).
A time restriction option as you suggested per user would certainly, to me anyway, a nice to have option in RDM. This could certainly be nice, for example when hiring external consultants for a certain period/time.


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