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We have started using the web extension to RDM and it works great in both Vivaldi and Firefox. I do miss some features though.

We have a lot of customers in RDM separated in folders. Browsing to a common site that many of my customer use I get a list in the browser login to choose which login to use. Here is when it gets messy. The extension only shows "entry name" and "username". The entry name is in many cases the same for all customers. It usually is the name of the site + function. The username is often an email and most of the time the domain is the customer name so I find it easy. Sometimes the email is a private email or something else and then I have no idea what customer that is. I have to switch to RDM and browse to the customer and view the item to be able to choose the correct one.

1. Would it be possible to list either the path of the item in the extension or perhaps the name of the main folder that the item is in. All customers main folder have the type set to "Company" so they all have that nice icon. If that is set that could be listed in the extension and be searchable. Would be really nice.

2. I would like to extend the "Filter" in two ways.

a. Let me filter by tags.
b. Let me search for all entries and not just the ones on this particular site. This would be great for the workflow. I could tag all entries with for example "dns" and directly in the browser "Filter" for "dns company name" and then browse to this particular customers site for dns handling.

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Concerning your first point about the item having the folder path shown in the extension, we will add this to our TODO list.

For the second point about the “filter”, if you are using DPS 2019.1 (or more recent) as your data source, you can actually search for all entries by name, username and URLs from Web Login if the extension is connected to your DPS.

Otherwise, the search in extension when connected to RDM is in our roadmap.

Thank you for your feedback.

Best regards,

Olivier Désalliers


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