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Once logged into the program it throws me out every 2 min please help

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Once I log into the program and I get access to the computer I want to access remotely, it throws me out every 2 min, I log in again and 2 min later it throws me out again

Clock6 mths


I'm sorry to hear about the issue. It's possible there's something not working quite right with our peer-to-peer connection stack and your network environment.

To try and rule that out, can you please try to enable "Prioritize relay servers for peer-to-peer connections" under Options > Connectivity?

If the issue is still occurring, you can help us diagnose the problem by creating a log file.

In Options > Advanced, you can set the logging level to "Debug". Then relaunch the application and recreate the issue. Then forward your log file to us (either through the forum or at The log file will be found in %APPDATA%\Wayk\Logs on a Windows system.

Thanks and best regards

Richard Markievicz


Clock6 mths