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Search is too limited at the moment. The default search should include anything from within all non protected entries.

At present, it is impossible to find an entry by any method when searching using the username!

Clock6 mths


As within Remote Desktop Manager, searching in ALL fields for ALL entry types is detrimental to the performance of the search. In RDM though, you have a certain level of control over which fields are searched in, and there is the advanced search which gives total control.

We've discussed this internally quite a lot and are working on improving this feature. This is still at the architectural phase though. We will try to perform incremental improvements in every release.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


Clock6 mths

Thanks for the update. My main issue thus far is that Search hasn't been useful, because every time I've wanted to search I've been wanting to search based on the username - which isn't included anywhere as an option to search on. I can also see that it would be very useful to search on Description. These would by my two top priorities for search in the short term!


Clock6 mths

Hi zmarshall,

I'm using the search for username and work fine. Make sure that you have the option username check in search options. Field options - Include Username.


Clock6 mths

That option is not present for me in DPS v2019.1.14.0. Options available are

Connection type
Creation date
Last update date

Clock6 mths

my bad, just realize that thread is for DPS not RDM.... sorry

Clock6 mths