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Unable to create first Password Hub

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After logging in, I click the '+' sign to create my first Password Hub. I fill the fields for Name and Site, and click next. I choose a user account of 5. Other fields are already filled with the correct information. I use the invitation code that was sent to me by email, and click the button 'Try for free'.

After that I get the error 'Cannot read property 'total' of undefined'. I can only close this message.
I tried several times to create my first Hub, but was unsuccesfull.

Can you help me setup my Password Hub?

See attached files: fig.01.png, fig.02.png and fig.03.png.

Clock9 mths


Our engineering department has pushed a fix for the error message that you have received while creating your vault in Password Hub.
Could you retry to create your vault?

On a side note, please make sure that the invitation code is entered properly and that you are using the same email address that your invitation code is associated with.
If you don't remember which email address you have used for the registration, please send me your email address/ domain via private message.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

Clock9 mths