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I have tried multiple configurations to run MMC as a different user (domain admin), and it keeps giving me an error that I need escalated privileges. Also, when I try to input credentials from the repository, I cannot click OK to save the entry. Any suggestions? I am running Windows 10.

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Update: the only time I cannot click OK is when I try to run credentials from repository and select a password list. I have tried setting the folder it is in with a password and using inherited permissions as well. Also, I just updated to free edition 2019.1.29.0 64-Bit.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to run MMC as a different user in RDM. The reason for this is that the WMI request are performed using the Windows Account you are currently logged as on your local computer. This means that if this account does not have access to the remote machine through WMI, you won't be able to run MMC in RDM.

A good way to test this would be to refer to the "Testing from a Remote Computer" section of the help topic below:

Also for more information on that matter, you could refer to this post from one of my colleague:

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