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Unable to UN-install Remote Desktop Manager v12.5.8.0

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Hi all,

I've searched Google & seen many results of other people having the same uninstallation issue, but none with my specific version.

Based on the error I get when trying to uninstall, I need the specific file below to complete the uninstall, which I'm unable to find on my computer (searched using Agent Ransack) & I'm unable to find it on the web.


Also, I need the MSI file, NOT the EXE file. I have the exact file above but ending with an EXE extension & it still fails.

Can someone point me to a download of the MSI file named above?

Clock4 mths


In order to be able to uninstall this version of RDM, I would recommend following the steps provided in this help topic:

Doing so should help with this issue. If that is not the case, please use the msi file you requested:

Best regards,

James Lafleur


Clock4 mths