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"Execute Script in Terminal" interface issues

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Please look at how MTPutty is doing their "send scripts" option. There are several issues when trying to send ad hoc SSH commands to several tabs from Remote Desktop.

Using EE 2019.1.20.0 64-BIT

1. Does not work when the session is using Putty as the SSH back end. This is fine, just have the option greyed out so that I can see it but can't use it unless I switch to Rebex.
2. The "Commands" box doesn't have an obvious hint that the scripts need to include {ENTER} commands for each line. Ideally, can I just type in the commands as if I was typing them in at the terminal and hit Execute?
3. If you click on the question mark next to the Commands box, it give you all of the script variables that you need but there is no way to copy and paste them from the help dialogue.
4. Sending several simple commands over at one time is sketchy at best. For example:
show arp{ENTER}

If I send that to a group of 4 switches it has issues. Sometimes it sends one line, sometimes both lines but not the second {ENTER}

5. It would be helpful to keep the "Execute Scripts in Terminal" window open as you send or execute scrips. Currently, every time you click Execute, the box goes away and you have to start typing all over again.

Thank you!


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We plan to improve this part for RDM 2019.2. I will keep your post as reference for when we start the improvements.


David Hervieux


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