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Firefox - Really portable

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If you download Firefox and extract the content of the setup file by using a decompression tool, like 7-Zip, you'll find the folder "core".
It contains all files needed for a portable Firefox installation.
If you start firefox.exe using the following parameters, a fully portable version is started (incl.) support for Add-Ons like Devolutions Weblogin:
-no-remote -profile ".\_rdm"
If RDM could include an option (in path settings) for Firefox, to pass the parameters above to firefox.exe, that would be awesome!
I suggest the following options:
[X] Start Firefox in portable mode (maybe with a mouse over explaining how to extract Firefox)
=> That option should pass the "-no-remote" flag to firefox.exe
[X] Custom profile path for Firefox:
=> Field to enter the path for the desired profile (e.g. ".\_apps\Firefox\_rdm"wink
=> Profile directory will be created below the Firefox folder
This has multiple advantages:

  • No need to wait for Portable Apps to create an up-to-date portable version of Firefox
  • A really portable installation using native 64-Bit Firefox possible
  • Launch of multiple Firefox instances on the same PC
  • Add-On detection would work, because RDM only needs to check the path for Add-Ons (e.g. ".\_apps\Firefox\_rdm\extensions\"wink

Clock6 mths

Thank you for the information. I was not aware of this. We will check what we can do in RDM.


David Hervieux


Clock6 mths

is a good example:
- Zero Day security bug
- fixed in 67.03
- With the above instructions, I directly patched my firefox portable
=> Latest version 67.02 ;-)

Clock5 mths

Just found out, that firefox even works embedded that way:

New commandline session:


-no-remote -profile "$APPLICATION_PATH$\_apps\Firefox\_rdm"

Process: firefox.exe


Clock4 mths