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Integration between RDM and Autotask

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It's a must

Clock6 mths

What kind of integration do you see?


David Hervieux


Clock6 mths


Have an option in Autotask that adds the device to RDM, for example an RDP connection on a station and that allows to connect to it from RDM as well as Autotask. Also, access to RDM data via the customer's web portal in Autotask for access to their documentation. Linked the inventory of AEM and Autotask in RDM (wow I fancy a little, but would be really cool)

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Unfortunately there is currently no API for Datto | RMM (Autotask)
Maybe to get started (And as we use here) with some variables which then start the RDP functionality from RDM.
We created a session CMD line:
Start: $AEMGUID$ (variable: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CentraStage\Gui.exe"wink
Arguments:$AEMCAG$$CUSTOM_FIELD3$ (variable AEMCAG : cag:///?type=rdpclient&deviceid=)

Where the custom fields are filled with:
CUSTOM_FIELD2Big Grinescription
CUSTOM_FIELD3Big GrineviceId

Custom fields 1 and 2 (together with Company Name) we use for the session name and (option. 2MFA@Autotask could give probs first time starting a session) for injecting the credentials to the correct form (using Macro in Event - After connectupset$AEMWINDOW$$AEMCREDENTIALS$) and logging in, so they are not mandatory for start the RDP. only DeviceId is needed for starting the session.
This allows users from RDM to start the relevant RDP as happened in Datto | RMM (autotask).


Recently a new function has been added, namely Web RDP. With this you only have to add the DeviceId to the address to start this RDP via https Weblink:
Unfortunately no possibility to auto inject the credentials in this Web RDP yet for me ..... Maybe the specialists @ Devolutions can ?

Regards, Marcel

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Ai... Some errors, hahaha That Green Smileys + D

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