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Hello all,

Our Devolutions Cloud has slowly evolved into offering these services:

  • Customer Portal
  • Serial Vault
  • Devolutions Account - your identity for all that is Devolutions
    • Devolutions Authenticator (internal name...) - watch out for our soon-to-be-released mobile application to strengthen the authentication of our Account
  • A suite of solutions used by Remote Desktop Manager
    • Devolutions Online Database
    • Devolutions Online Drive
    • Devolutions Online Backup
    • Devolutions Custom Installer
  • Wayk Family of products

Often times our community would ask for help in the forum dedicated to Remote Desktop Manager, but since we've added so many services, we felt it better to create these new forums to allow you to subscribe in a granular fashion to the information that is relevant to your day to day tasks.

Subscribe to this specific forum to be notified on planned maintenance and coming releases, use the binocular icon on the right-hand side of this forum's title.

If you prefer tickets, you can simply send an email to our ticketing system, but be advised that, rather than: most of our engineering, our support staff, our business services staff; you end up being serviced only by our front-line team. It may slow down the response somewhat.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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