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Support Azure Web App as host for Password-Server web site.

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Password Server will become a very critical part of our infrastructure and is incredibly important during an outage. So hosting it on-premise has it's risks as it could become part of the outage you are trying to fix.

So I would like to host it using Azure SQL and Azure Web App.

It seems like you are planning to support Azure SQL but I cannot see anything about Azure Web App.

It would be amazing if the console would have an option to just publish to Azure Web App in the future.



Clock7 mths


We've started striping down the DPS Console in order to achieve that. Our aim is to have a non-UI console which supports response files for installations/upgrades. Obviously, we would offer a UI to generate the response file.

We do have code dependencies in common with Remote Desktop Manager which could slow us down, but I'd love to offer this capability for our Q4 release.

Best regards

Maurice Côté


Clock7 mths

Now if I was a development manager at Devolutions I would do it slightly differently wink

I recently trialed 3cx phone system. Their website automatically installs and configures their phone system on a cloud of your choice.

It would be amazing if you would have a portal that would automatically create and managed an optimized password-server instance on a customer's Azure subscription with no software installation required.

It would make an "on-premise" instance of password service much more secure and robust and naturally easier to support. The only messy part would be on-premise AD integration but there are workarounds around that.

Clock7 mths

we are about to roll out that type of deployment for trials, we have a Azure Workbook which could easily be converted to work on other cloud providers.

What you describe is on our internal roadmap for 2020, we havent mentioned it because we like to focus on our next big release

Maurice Côté


Clock7 mths

Looking forward.

Thanks for the transparency and amazing customer care.

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