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WIN v2019.1.18.0 Database Upgrade VS MAC v6.2.1.0

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Hey guys,

Somebody in our office updated their windows version of RDM to v2019.1.8.0, which introduces database changes, therefore an upgrade is required.

My concern is that there has been no new Mac version since then, so I worry that if I proceed with the database upgrade, my Mac version is going to stop working.

Can anybody confirm if v6.2.1.0 is already compatible with the database version introduced by Win v2019.1.18.0?

If not, should we expect a new Mac version that does, shortly?


Clock8 mths


The database update was a minor one and your data source will continue to properly work after the update in RDM If you'd still rather wait, the next official release of RDM will be released in the coming days (I'm expecting it to be today or tomorrow).

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock8 mths