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Suggestion for useful UAC- and remote setup handling

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I am a very excited user of RDM since many years now and I am watching and testing every new release of Wayk Now to replace my Teamviewer. I am so convinced that this will be a great thing that I even bought a license although I can't use it in production right now.
I cannot use it because of the UAC-handling. The users at my client's networks usually don't have admin-privilages and I won't give them these credentials during remote sessions. So I need another way to get administrative access.
This is how I accomplished it with Teamviewer and how it should work easily with Wayk Now if you implement it:
First I ask the user to download and just start the client, give me ID and pwd and I connect. This doesn't need any elevated privileges.
Secondly, I have an option in my Teamviewer console to install the full version on the other side. This initiates a download on the client-side and detects that the client doesn't have the required privileges.
What it does now: It doesn't ask for the credentials on the remote client with an UAC-prompt not visible to me, instead it gives me on my side an option to provide credentials that it hands over to the client.
Then on the client the software installs as a Windows service with the credentials I provided when initiating the full install.
Afterwards I have full control and see any newly coming UAC-prompts on my screen.
So put it roughly: Have an option on my side that initiates the remote install and provide the required credentials typed in on my side handed over together with the install-command to the client.
Isn't this possible?
I would be very happy to use Wayk Now instead of Teamviewer and by more licenses for my collegues.
Thanks in advance!

Clock6 mths

Hello Uwe

First of all, thank you for the positive feedback. We're happy that you like RDM and Wayk Now, even if you are not currently able to use it in production.

You are not the first person to request this feature, and it is already on our radar (see

To give you a better idea of where we sit with this feature, we need three separate enhancements to the product:

1 - Our protocol and client already support "remote execution" (where you can run processes and scripts on the remote system). We need to improve this to allow delegation of credentials; this would enable the equivalent of `runas`.

2 - Our remote execution feature also now supports downloading, validation and execution of binaries as of the 3.2 release. This needs further improvement to query and publish Wayk Now URLs.

3 - Client improvements to support reconnection to the newly installed elevated instance.

The first piece is the most complicated, but once implemented, that actually gets us most of the way there. There is significant utility in being able to execute processes and scripts under specific credentials on the remote machine in a secure fashion. It could even be possible to build the remaining pieces on top of that independently, with a properly crafted Powershell script to handle the remote download, installation and configuration.

At this point I can't make any promises, but we'd like to have that implemented - at least in part - in a release within the next six months. If it is only in part, it will be the first section mentioned above (i.e. the ability to remotely execute in the context of a specific user).

As always, please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!


Richard Markievicz


Clock6 mths