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Error while tring to connect to remote host

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HI support,

Im getting this error whike tring to connect to remote host

2019-05-10] [20:44:44:693] [19004:00004854] [INFO][CowRpc] - Calling DenPeer::SessionExchange (callId=2)
[2019-05-10] [20:44:54:694] [19004:00004854] [INFO][CowRpc] - COW_RPC_ERROR_TIMEOUT
[2019-05-10] [20:44:54:694] [19004:00004854] [INFO][CowRpc] - Result timeout DenPeer::SessionExchange (callId=2, 10000 ms)
[2019-05-10] [20:44:54:694] [19004:00004854] [ERROR][NowDen] - SessionExchange received error code from CowRpc: TIMEOUT
[2019-05-10] [20:44:54:694] [19004:00004854] [INFO][CowRpc] - Calling DenServer::SessionTerminate (callId=5)
[2019-05-10] [20:44:55:254] [19004:000036d0] [INFO][CowRpc] - << Result Response
[2019-05-10] [20:44:55:254] [19004:000036d0] [WARN][CowRpc] - CowRpc_RecvResultMsg: callId 2 could not be found
[2019-05-10] [20:44:55:254] [19004:000036d0] [INFO][CowRpc] - COW_RPC_ERROR_CALL_ID
[2019-05-10] [20:44:55:255] [19004:000036d0] [INFO][CowRpc] - << Result Response
[2019-05-10] [20:44:55:255] [19004:00004854] [INFO][CowRpc] - Result DenServer::SessionTerminate (callId=5, 562 ms)
[2019-05-10] [20:44:55:255] [19004:00004854] [INFO][CowRpcBind] - Unbinding DenPeer interface (ifaceId=3, clientId=0x2968BC57, serverId=0x19670D67)
[2019-05-10] [20:44:55:528] [19004:000036d0] [INFO][CowRpc] - << Unbind Response
[2019-05-10] [20:44:55:528] [19004:00004854] [INFO][CowRpcBind] - Unbound DenPeer interface (ifaceId=3, clientId=0x2968BC57, serverId=0x19670D67)



Clock3 mths

Hi Robert,

I'm sorry about the issues you experienced. We have seen a similar issue on our side. The issue appears to be a timeout when client and server try to find a network route. Usually, it should be faster to find a route but for unknown reason, it takes too much time. We are investigating that issue.

Meanwhile, you can force to use our relay. If you go in the Wayk Now options, under Connectivity, you can enable "Prioritize relay servers for peer-to-peer connections". This option will work as long as one of the two sides has the option enabled, and both sides use a recent enough version of Wayk Now (3.1+). With that option checked, you should be able to connect to your servers.

Don't hesitate to post again if you have other issues.

Best regards,

François Dubois


Clock3 mths

Thanks, this one worked, after Ive restarted both sites. but responses are extremly slow. I click and other site is delayd by 5-8 sec.

Clock3 mths

Hello Robert

Does the issue persist for you? How about if you disable again the relay option?

Enabling the relay is expected to introduce some latency, but nothing like the order of 5+ seconds.

Thanks in advance,

Richard Markievicz


Clock3 mths