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Role-base Administration

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it's me again.

Another request:

Many companies have executives that authorize users to RDM - so these people have access to DPS console.
Others should have delegated roles.

It would be great if you can introduce Administrator-Roles.

here are some examples:

User-Administrator ... can create, delete, modify Users, but cannot create Administrators, cannot modify defined roles, repositories, datasource settings, etc.
Datasource-Administrator ... can modify roles, repos, ds-permissions, but cannot create, delete, modifiy users, cannot create Administrators
Repo/Vault-Admin ... can assign users & rights to repos, restore deleted entries, repo-reports, repo-activity-logs
Super-Admin ... can do all

and don't forget to get that console (webbased or not) secured:

Best Regards


Clock7 mths


This kind of permissions already exist in Administration - Data Source Permissions in RDM or from the DPS Console.


Is it what you are looking for?

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock7 mths

Hi Erica,

i have overlook that section.

yes, it is something like i wrote.

last problem: everyone with access to my server and the dps console can bypass that.

Best Regards


Clock7 mths