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2019.1.18.0 filter loose focus after filtering

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this bug appears since 2019.1.17.0 I guess -

using the filter in the navigation tree loose the focus after filtering.. so if you enter ABC, the focus is no longer in the box - rather the first entry in the navigation pane and you're unable to edit the filter string again - compared with the focus is still in the filter box after filtering and editable.



Clock11 days


I've reproduced the issue and opened a ticket to the engineering department.
For your information, the ticket number is RDMW-2678.

Thank you for reporting it!

Best regards,

Gabriel Degrandpré

Clock10 days

Hello Min,

The bug has been fixed internally. Starting from the next release of RDM, you will only lose your filter's focus after using the arrow keys or clicking somewhere else.


Michaël Beaudin


Clock5 days