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RDM requiring authentication each time a user interacts with an item

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I've been getting reports from our team that when using RDM with the password server backend that they're being asked to authenticate each time they click to open or connect to any item, rather than just once when first logging in. I've been able to reproduce the behavior, though I can't pin down exactly when it started. Judging by the log entries detailed below it seems like it started early this month, so likely since one of the most recent updates. The only clue I've been able to turn up comes from the password server logs. Each time someone accesses an item in RDM I see two warning messages in the logs:

The first is titled "GetAllConnectionStates" and the message is "SessionRequired"
The second is titled "Unable to update logHistory" and the message is "Invalid Data"

I surmise that it's either unable to save session data to the database or unable to access the saved session data and is forcing them to create a new session each time they try to access anything from within RDM.

Any clues on how to fix?



Clock8 mths


What version of RDM are you running?

What version of Password Server are you using?

What is your token valid time setting looks like? This can be found in the DPS console in the Advanced tab.

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Jeff Dagenais

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Clock8 mths

A-ha! It was the token valid setting which got set to 1 somehow. Bumped that back out to 1440 and I think we're good.



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