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Azure Portal Issues in Embedded Display using Chrome

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I'm running 2019.1.15.0 64-Bit.

When I go to the Microsoft Azure Portal to manage a client Azure AD and use the Embedded Display option with Chrome, I find that I do not have access to the Manage links under the "Azure Active Directory" (I did not go any further in my testing). When I open the Azure Portal using the External Display option with Chrome, I'm able to access Manage links without issue.

If I switch to Internet Explorer for the browser, the links are available in both Embedded and External Display options.

The workaround is to either open Externally or user Internet Explorer and both are palatable options, so this is not a critical issue for me - I just thought I'd mention it.


Matt Broadfield

Clock9 mths


Thank you for reporting this specific case.

We use third party libraries for the integration of Firefox and Chrome in the Embedded Display Mode. For IE, we use the Microsoft ActiveX that is installed at the same time as the browser.
This may explain why it’s working with IE in embedded mode.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

Clock9 mths

Thanks for the quick response.

Matt Broadfield

Clock9 mths