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Password Server: Copy UserName?

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We migrated from password vault to password server. While you can copy passwords easily, why is there no easy way to copy the username like Password Vault? I store credentials for more than just websites and automated connections.

You could model the copy username and password as it works when using the message feature to share a credential (copy username and copy password are next to the respective entries) .

Would be optimal to just get a copy username and password, but I thinking that would have to integrate with launcher to monitor the clipboard.

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We'll definitely add the copy username action. As for the automated sequential copy of username then password, I will add an item on our next architectural meeting, I dont see it being implemented in the short term

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P.S. Our next release (2019.1) is already feature complete, the copy username action will be done within days, but sadly you will not see it for a while. It will be in a beta of our 2019.2 release.

Maurice Côté


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I second the addition of a Copy Username option.

I would also like to suggest maybe that those be available via keyboard shortcuts (like KeePass does it for example).

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