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Folder option with security options for users.

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I would like to request the ability to create folders in the password hub/vault & to be able to restrict which users can access the folder.

Mike Grant

Clock7 mths


We would like to keep Password hub as simple as possible, so to accomplish this, you would need to split your folders into different vaults.

If you would like to keep the folders in the same vault and configured some permissions directly on it, then, Password Server would be the appropriate product for you.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


Clock7 mths

Even without the ability to assign different permissions it would be nice to have the folders just for organization. Putting everything in different hubs is not good for organization. We have locations around the world, information related to servers, network devices, etc. Trying to break all that down in root level hubs is way to clunky. I don't need it to be simple, I need it to be functional.

Password Server is not a good solution for us either. The cloud hosting option of the hub is the entire selling point.

Clock4 mths

Hi Jeff,

Have you considered adding tags to your entries and filtering by tags? To filter by tags, click on the little tag icon in the filter bar. (Beside the green + button)

Have a good day!

Maxime Morin


Clock4 mths