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In IOS version - How hide bar at bottom of RDP session for true "Full Screen" experience

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I have an iPhone 6s+ - with the big screen ! I got that sized iPhone to have the maximum screen size to do the occasional RDP to my servers. I use your Windows version for years - so I wanted to try your IOS version. IOS version works great - but I have on issue. I don't want the bar at the bottom of the RDP Client screen (bar shows the 2 keyboards, Mouse pointer options, Ctrl, Alt, Windows Button, etc.). The bar takes up too much screen real estate - does not need to be visible all the time - just when I need it. How can I have it auto hide, or have some partially transparent tab (like Microsoft's RDP client, or even like Jump Desktop's RDP client).
thanks !! Kevin K.

Clock7 mths

By the way - your Android version works perfectly and has a way to have a true full screen experience.

Clock7 mths


We will add this feature to our todo list.

Best Regards,

Nicolas Dufour


Clock7 mths