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Dear Team,

We want Password manager as our all-in-one solution for RDP connections and for password management.
But we are facing the following issue for the password manager part:

I created a ressource with subconnections - that means I have a server with 4 different users and passwords.
When I access this resource over the RDP program - eveything is working like excepted.

When I login to the webclient I can see the subconnections and also the usernames but the passwords are not accessible.
This is for us a gamestopper and to add 4 resources just to access passwords make no sense for us.

Is there a chance for a solution?

Clock8 mths


Instead of using subconnections for your credentials, you can use the Password List entry type that can contains an unlimited number of credentials in just one entry. Here are the online documentation page for RDM and Devolutions Password Server.

Best regards,

Érica Poirier

Happy Holiday Season!
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Clock8 mths