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Cisco ASA ASDM addon oddity

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I could have sworn, upon initial testing, this add-on was working, but we have started using it in our daily routine now and it's behaving oddly.

We double-click our "Cisco ASDM" connection, which correctly launches the ASDM IDM, but then it automatically overwrites the "Device IP Address / Name" entry in our ASDM IDM with a single "+" character, clears the username/password and then tries to launch the connection to the ASDM device with hostname "+".

Does anyone have any idea what's happening? Why is RDM replacing our ASDM hostnames with a "+" before launching?!

Thank you

Clock10 mths


The only time we enter a "+" is if you have checked the option "accept certificate before login". Could you see if it works when you disable this option in the entry?


Hubert Mireault


Clock10 mths