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Handoff to MikroTik Winbox IOS App

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Now that MikroTik has a winbox app for IOS devices, can we get the option in RDM IOS to open Winbox with the IP, Port, Username and Password handoff to the Winbox app? Just like you do for browsers and other apps?

Clock8 mths

I currently use both apps on my IPad pro. I think this would be a great option. Currently, I have to look at the details of the RDM entry and then copy/paste the information between the apps.

Clock8 mths


Thank you for your feedback. Do you know if the application supports external commands from other applications?

If not, you could contact the vendor and let us know if they support it (IOS and Android).

If they do support it, we will add it to our todo list.

Best Regards,

Nicolas Dufour


Clock8 mths

I've reached out to MikroTik support and asked that question. I'll add their response.

Clock8 mths