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Google Authenticator registration broken with DPS

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This issue only affects users who have never connected to the DPS server.


New users with Google Authenticator as 2FA are not able to log on DPS servers.
The error "WebException - The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway" is log in Devolutions Password Server logs.


  • In User properties, under Two-Factor the Edit button disappears for Google Authenticator and prevents configuration of 2FA.
  • RDM gets DVLS server is not responding. Unexpected exception when trying to connect to Devolutions Password Server.
  • DPS Web page stays at the login screen when trying to connect.

The API called to get the QR Code image has been deprecated by Google.

The workaround is to onboard new users through the Devolutions Password Server Console.

  1. In User Management, select the new account and click Edit.
  2. Under Two-Factor select Google Authenticator and click Reset.
  3. Use the Secret key and the Account instead of the image.

Long Term Solution
We are currently investigating a long-term solution, it should be made available in a release within a few weeks.

David Grandolfo


Clock9 mths


We are glad to announce that the fix is available in Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1.8.

Beta version can be downloaded at
Best regards,

David Grandolfo


Clock9 mths