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Huge fan of the app interested in trying out the IOS version to connect to some RDP sessions. For those who are regular users, I would like to inquire as to which display settings work best.

Some background- my team uses the Devolutions Cloud to store our list of connections, a combination of web pages, SSH, and RDP. Our workflow typically involves having multiple tabbed sessions running in the Windows applicaiton throughout the day. RDP sessions have a peculiar behavior on IOS, wherein they open as tabbed sesssions, but do not resize to fill the screen when the session is "maximized" or made "full screen". Zoom 1:1 seems to have no effect whatsoever. Changing the settings so the RDP sessions opens by default as full screen fixes this on the iPad devices, but is not conducive to our Windows workflow (ie we prefer tabbed sessions). This workaround also creates scaling issues on IOS.

Can anyone offer advice? Thanks in advance!

Clock9 mths


Thank you for reporting these issues. I don't think there is a currently a configuration that can avoid both the resizing issue and the scaling issue. I have added this to our to do list, we will take a look and see if we can improve scaling and resizing for RDP sessions in iOS.

Best Regards,

Benoît Racine


Clock9 mths

Thank you Benoit. I did make a discovery after starting the tread, this may be to others' benefit:

In the IOS app uder settings, there are User interface options. Selecting View session mode: Fullscreen opens all sessions as fullscreen by default, which in combination with the RDP session Remote desktop size option set to Default, gives the user a properly scaled view of the RDP session. This can then be minimized, granting access to view all the opened tabs. Since these are IOS app specific and do not affect the entries in the Windows program, we get the best of both worlds.

Clock9 mths