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Export all credentials entries of all repositories

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We are using a lot of different repositories in RDM Enterprise.
We have in each repository a folder "Credentials".

Is there a way to export/backup all entries of this folder, from all repositories ?

Actually, we see that the option is available with a right click on the folder directly and select "export ..." but it will take us too much time to do that for all our repositories.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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It is possible using the RDM PowerShell module to build a script to export the Credentials folder across all repositories.

Here is a sample script you can use to export the entries located in the Credentials folder of each repository. It will create one file per repository. You will have to adapt the data source name, the password and the destination path in the script.

If you are not familiar with the RDM PowerShell module, the computer which will run the script must have RDM installed. And the data source the script will connect to must exist in the user's profile that will run the script.

Import-Module 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Devolutions\Remote Desktop Manager\RemoteDesktopManager.PowerShellModule.psd1'

# Adapt the data source name

ds = Get-RDMDataSource -Name "NameOfYourDataSourceHere"
Set-RDMCurrentDataSource $ds

# Adapt the password
$passwd = ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force 'mypassword'

repos = Get-RDMRepository

foreach ($repo in $repos)
Set-RDMCurrentRepository $repo

$sessions = Get-RDMSession | where {$_.Group -eq "Credentials"}
$reponame = $

# Adapt the destination path for the file(s)
Export-RDMSession -Path "C:\temp\Sessions_$reponame.rdm" -Sessions $sessions -IncludeCredentials -XML -Password $passwd

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


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Thank you for your answer.
It works well but only if credential entries are directly under the folder "Credentials".

We are using exclusively the credential entry "Username / Password" in RDM.
So is it possible to set the condition not on the folder name but on the RDM type object "Username/Password" ?

I mean modify the line
$sessions = Get-RDMSession | where {$_.Group -eq "Credentials"}
To something like
$sessions = Get-RDMSession | where {$_.Type -eq Username/Passwords}

Also, is it possible to export the same data in csv or html file ?
Command Export-RDMSession -Path "C:\temp\Sessions_$" -Sessions $sessions -IncludeCredentials -CSV -Password $passwd
} seems doesn't work here ...
But maybe we forget something.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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If you don't mind, as we are talking about the PowerShell module, I will move this thread in the PowerShell section.

Yes it is possible to work with only Credentials entry type with the following command.

$sessions = Get-RDMSession | where {$_.ConnectionType -eq "Credential"}

About the Export-RDMSession, only the XML file can contains the credentials and be password protected. Here is a sample of the command.

Export-RDMSession -Sessions $sess -XML -Path "C:\Temp\export.rdm" -Password $pwd -IncludeCredentials

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


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