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Centralized configuration

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We are testing your Wayknow solution on a remote desktop server.

We would like to be able to provide a central configuration of the application to our users.
We found the configuration file present in the AppDate of the user but is it possible to have a global configuration file for the application in the server ?

Clock11 mths

Hi Alex,

Wayk Now has configuration files in both %ProgramData% (system-wide) and %AppData% (user-specific), but at this point we don't handle two levels of configuration. For instance, when the Wayk Now unattended service is installed, configuring the server options requires admin rights because the server is managed by the background service, and its associated configuration is stored in %ProgramData%.

However, we do not yet handle more advanced configuration logic where system-wide configuration are either enforced for all users on the system, or available as configuration defaults that can be overridden by user-specific settings.

Can you elaborate on how exactly you envision centralized configuration management? It could help to put things in context, with the particular settings you would see being distributed in a centralized way, with expected behaviour (enforced vs can be overridden, etc). If you can provide references to existing products that implement it in a similar way, it could help as well.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock11 mths