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Have the ability to show/hide individual portions of a Vault (Sessions, Tools/Macros, and Credential

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Is there a way to show/hide individual portions of Vault (Sessions, Tools/Macros, and Credentials) via Permissions. This would give enormous amount of flexibility when dealing with multiple Vaults shared among multiple teams in an organization. For example: if (3) teams each had their own vaults and they each wanted to maintain their own Sessions and Tools/Macros, but they all wanted to share (1) Credentials vault then the ability to show/hide hide those sections based on Permissions tied to Roles would allow this to easily be crafted and the users wouldn't need to see and be confused with unnecessary sections in Vaults that they don't need to see.

Clock8 mths


Sorry for the delay of my response.

It's not possible to set permissions on the Macros/Tools and Credentials vaults.
What I would recommend, is merging the Macros/Tools and the Credentials inside your sessions and create 2 or more folders that will contain your entries and set the permissions on these folders like you have done for the other folders (if this is already done). If not, please use our Role Based Security system to configure the security inside RDM.

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Jeff Dagenais


Clock8 mths