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The Basics: How to Manage Role-Based Access Control Using Vaults in Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1

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The more clothes you have, the more drawers you need to keep things neat and tidy (actually for me, I just need a beautiful, glorious, huge walk-in closet!). Well, the same goes for entries: the more you have, the more vault you need.

What Are Vaults in RDM 2019.1?

Vaults, which used to be named Repositories in RDM’s previous versions, are virtual drawers that let you organize your entries into multiple vaults, which are stored in the same data source (either Devolutions Password Server, MySQL or SQL Server).
Vaults improve security and boost performance, since using them limits the volume of entries that are loaded at the same time. It also simplifies user management, as Active Directory groups define who has access to a vault.

Learn How to Manage Role-Based Access Control by Vaults:

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