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[IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT] Password Vault Manager Now Fully Integrated in Remote Desktop Manager

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Why Did We Do This?

Password Vault Manager has been around for many years helping non-technical users manage their passwords in a similar way that was similar to Remote Desktop Manager. However, Password Vault Manager was never designed to specifically address the needs of business users.

We have been working closely with our customers over the last year to better understand the specific needs of their business users, and this has resulted in the Devolutions Password Server web application, along with the Devolutions Web Login browser extension for credential injection and autofill in websites and applications.

Our CEO David Hervieux described the transition in this way: “With Devolutions Password Hub, which is currently in preview mode and due to be released in the near future, we can offer a very robust and secure cloud-based password management platform that is far superior to Password Vault Manager – ideal for both technical and non-technical business users, and focused on team environments and sharing.”

Read our Advice for Current Password Vault Manager Users here:

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