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Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019.1 Beta Is Here

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Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1 (aka 15) has arrived! Our team has been working hard for several months to get RDM 2019.1 ready! You can now try it by joining the beta!
Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1 Beta comes with many new features, such as:

  • Complete UI relooking (SVG)
  • Black theme
  • Session recording – RDP, ARD, Wayk and VNC (SQL Server and mySQL) for now; coming soon for all data source types
  • Smart folders
  • 2FA (Google Auth, Microsoft Auth) for 1Password Web
  • Multi-vault search
  • VPN Link option to open a VPN depending on OS
  • VNC vino's auth (TLS)
  • Many UI improvements
Learn more about Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1 Beta here:

Dérick St-Hilaire


Clock11 mths

I got a prompt to install this on one of my laptops but not on the other one. I verified that under Application Start I have the dropdown set to All Updates including Beta. However, if I have RDM open and click Check for Updates. That's not finding it. Does the Check for Updates button use different settings than the Application Start option sets?

I had to close RDM and open it back up and then I got the prompt but don't know why the Check for Updates button didn't find it.

Clock11 mths

Also, is there any more information on the new features? What are Smart Folders? How does Session Recording work? etc...

Clock11 mths


I will separate my response into two sections since you have created two separate posts:

Check for Update
Indeed, the Application start -> Auto update section and the Help -> Check for Update are 2 different options in RDM. Since RDM 2019 is a beta version, this is why you are not being prompt when going in Help -> Check for Update

New Features
Our documentation and training departments are working hard to prepare the documentation regarding the new features like Smart Folders and Session Recording, but it's not completed yet.
We are still at the beginning in that area, so this is why we don't have more information's regarding these for the moment.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

Clock11 mths

Thanks for this information. It is useful. One thing to ask, will it have any effect on rom file downloaded from GARoms for playing games?

Clock3 mths