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Not capturing Windows Key

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Moved my configurations from one computer to another. RDP no longer captures the WIN key for any of the configurations (Win Server 2016, 2012, Win 7, Win 10). I have the the setting to apply windows key combinations.
Using Remote Desktop Manager Free version 64-bit.

Clock10 mths


If you create a new entry or modify one, does it work correctly?
Exemple, if you switch to "Local Computer" click ok, then switch to "Remote Computer" again.

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Etienne Lord

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Clock10 mths

I have tried creating a new entry and modifying and existing entry. Still causes an issue.

The issue still exists when using Remote Desktop outside of Remote Desktop Manager.

Clock10 mths

Found the issue. Was using another application that was conflicting with the windows key. Closed it and it is resolved.

Clock10 mths


Could you tell us what the application was in case anyone encounter a similar issue ?

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Alexandre Roy


Clock10 mths

It was a time tracking app call Toggl.

Clock10 mths