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Custom Action Button "Wake on LAN" for Client

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Hallo everybody,

I am quite new to RDM but I think it's a really cool tool, that can replace several little programs I need for my daily it-business! ;-)

Today I tested a few WakeOnLAN scenarios. Everythin works fine, but the way to wake the client up ist quite long:
<Richt-klick on the client> -> <Macros/Scripts/Tools> -> <Wake on LAN>. My idea was to add an "Wake on LAN" button in the Actions-section of a client or a folder (see screenshot). Is that possible..?

Or does anybody know a "faster" way to wake up a client..? We use this quite a lot as we have about 300 pcs and 200 thin-clients in 9 different locations.

Thanks a lot,

Clock12 mths

Hello Markus,

a similar way is already possible => select the client in the navigation pane => 2nd tab => Wake on Lan - its not exactly what you want, but I use this way very often wink



Clock12 mths