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WaykNow sessions keep disconnecting within 10 to 90 seconds of initial connection

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I'm using WaykNow to connect remotely to a few clients I do work for that live some distance from me. Unfortunately, it has proved a bit futile as although I can typically successfully connect to a computer, within a short amount of time it disconnects. If I try to reconnect it typically will not let me until I've closed completely out of RDM and then reopen it. I have attached a screenshot of the disconnect notification that pops up.

Any ideas on why this might be happening? I did test with another RD software and it works just fine, but I'd much prefer to use Wayknow as it is free for commercial use and integrates nicely with RDM.

Oh, and I should note that it did this to me on multiple machines.



Clock9 mths

Hi Andrew,

I'm currently fixing a few issues in RDM relating to Wayk Now. This is a known issue that has been fixed in Wayk Now, and will be fixed in the next version of RDM.

Thank you

Philippe Paré


Clock9 mths

Oh, okay. Thanks!

Clock9 mths