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Notification "On Use/View"

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We require that a password can be seen or used by any employee, but that a notification be sent to the manager. Today I can already trigger notifications when editing or deleting a password. Unfortunately, there is no option for notifiy on using or viewing a entry/password. Would be cool if that were possible. Or is there a workaround?

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Clock10 mths

well your timing is on point, we were going over that feature just yesterday and realized that there's a gap between some actions that appear in the activity log, and what can be sent as a notification.

I wanted to take a step back and look at this from a compliance perspective as its one of our priorities for the next quarter...

I will see if we could just add this quickly nonetheless. I feel that it must be addressed in a matter of weeks, not months.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


Clock10 mths

Thank you for your response. I'm happy to see that more compliance features are on your roadmap. i'm looking forward for a new release in the future.

Clock10 mths