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Unable to use RDM after migration: Can't authenticate with biometrics

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Because of my mac has to visit apple for the next 5 days to get a new keyboard, i temporary moved to another mac using the migration tool. Now i can not start the Remote Desktop Manager. I always get the message: "Can't authenticate with biometrics. Biomety is not available on this device." ... ok, i know, that this temporary mac has no TouchId, but it even dont let me type my password! What do i have to do, to enable password authentication?

I just switched ProtectWithFingerprint from true to false, but with no success:


It is still trying to use the non existing TouchId

Clock11 mths


Could you try to rename your configuration file from RemoteDesktopManager.cfg to RemoteDesktopManager.old and restart RDM Mac?

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Jeff Dagenais

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Clock11 mths

Thanks, removing the cfg solved the issue.

Clock11 mths