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Port Knocking and scrcpy support

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The two links explain all itself.


My company develop mobile apps and sometimes is needed to show real smartphones screen mirrored in pc

and my company do IT, some clients secure the RDP port with port knocking, will be nice get that feature.

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How do you that with mstsc.exe?


David Hervieux


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David Hervieux wrote:

How do you that with mstsc.exe?


Hi, good day, first, the two links that i send, are two diferent independent options.
With with mstsc.exe can't be do anyone but port knocking is used for open the port of with mstsc.exe to the wan conection, is not a hacking tool, is a security option added in many routers.

Port Knoking can be a tool with option to be execute 5 seconds before launch mstsc.exe or a remote connection.

scrcpy is a tool to remote the screen of android smartphones via cable or adb over network

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