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[NEW RELEASE] Devolutions Launcher 1.1

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Last November, we released the first official version of Devolutions Launcher. Now that we’re embarking on a new year, we thought it would be fitting to release a new version — so please say hello to v1.1! If you’d like to race over and get it right now, simply head here:
What’s New?
Thanks to our awesome community of users who gave us some highly useful feedback — especially the wonderful folks who participated in the beta program — v1.1 features several additions and improvements. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New AzureAD Authentication (Windows, macOS, iOS and Android)
  • New duo two-factor authentication support
  • New “Reconnect to All Sessions” feature
  • New web browser session type
  • SCP session type now available on mobile
Read the complete blog article here:

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