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Showing mouse pointer on remote computer

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I was looking at this product for remote support and demonstration but the fact that the remote user can not se what i'm pointing at is a problem.
So I would like to know if this is something that might be supported in the near future?

It is not necessary to actually move the mouse on the remote computer but if you could have an option showing a "ghost pointer" or something would be nice.


Clock8 mths

Just find out that this works if im controlling the remote session using my phone then i can affect the pointer on the remote session.
Same thing would be appreciated if controlling from windows.

Clock8 mths


I just confirmed that on Windows as well mouse movements made through Wayk are visible on the remote computer.

Best regards

Gabriel Degrandpré

Although our various support queues will be monitored for emergencies, Devolutions' offices will be closed on June 24 and July 1st, 2019.


Clock8 mths