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Multiple input, especially for SSH

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A feature we've had many of our pilot users request, and comment about how other programs do it better, is duplicating input to multiple connections. Generally this is related to SSH.

Two methods that are preferred come in other programs -
Method 1 - fully interactive mirroring. In this mode, a "master connection" is selected as well as the "mirrored connections." When a user types in the master, the keys are duplicated live to the other sessions. I don't know the program using this, but I have seen it and it works well.
Method 2 - batch send, with easy continuation. In this mode you start by selecting all of the sessions you are going to send a command to from a persistent command input bar. You type a command as you want it to be in the bar and when you hit enter the command is sent to all the sessions. This is much like the multiple session scripted input in RDM, except that the command bar is always visible so that you can keep entering commands as opposed to the RDM method where you dump in the script and have to go launch the dialog box again. This method can be viewed an a now defunct project called "PuTTY connection manager".

The easy fix would be to make the scripted input box something that can be toggled or docked so that it doesn't have to be sought out for subsequent commands.

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I will definitively try to improve this part in RDM. Thank you for the description.


David Hervieux


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