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this is just for reference - not a bug- but the fact that the wayk now client tries to create / launch itself in the AppData folder causes issues for those of us who (in corporate environments) have GPO or some other mechanism to block executables from running in that area as most phishing / malware attacks utilise that vector for attack (and users cannot be trusted)

Just thought id advise

Clock11 mths


Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of the issue, but we didn't get a chance to address it yet. Would you have a recommendation for where to extract and run the real Wayk Now executable in the case of the standalone version? The obvious choice would be to extract it in the same directory as the original executable, but many things can go wrong when doing that.

Long story short, the standalone Wayk Now executable contains both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the program, it extracts the correct one in a temporary directory and launches it from there. %AppData% would be perfect if it wasn't sometimes blocked by a GPO.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock11 mths