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I want the same basic security features for MacOS as they exist in the Windows version!

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In Windows I can open a webbrowser with to enter my 1password credentials for a site. On MacOS this is not possible yet. Please implement this feature! Thank you very much!

Edit: I added 3 screenshots from my Windows-workflow. Thank you very much!

2018-12-12 14_07_59-Remote Desktop Manager - SRVDC01 (DC - intern).png
2018-12-12 17_43_11-Remote Desktop Manager [Dashboard].png
2018-12-12 17_44_42-Credentials - Remote Desktop Manager.png
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Could you please be more specific about what you are trying to achieve?

Also, could you please provide us screenshots of the feature you are referring to on RDM Windows?

Best regards,

James Lafleur


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Hello James,
I know what he means. I will take to Xavier (RDM Mac team leader) for this one.


David Hervieux


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