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RDM for Mac - Add support for OpenSSH private keys

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OpenSSH is a ubiquitous standard, and the default output of the ssh-keygen command is an OpenSSH formatted private key. This key cannot be used with RDM. I had to go find an old RedHat machine to generate a key in order to access my environment again. Request that the SSH port forward session be compatible with OpenSSH private keys.

Clock7 mths

Well, I'm happy to announce that the OpenSSH format is already supported. On Mac, there is a choice of SSH engine. Depending on your RDM for mac version, you have to select either the "experimental" or the "standard" (if the other choice is "legacy"). There is still a possibility of a bug for certain type of keys, in that case sending me the type/options of the key (eg: the command to generate the key) will help me fix the problem.

This engine will also be available on RDM Windows soon. Check the release notes.


Denis Vincent


Clock7 mths