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Cyberark Privileged Access Solution

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Thank you for continuing to update us on the CyberArk Developments, I have it working but came up against a huge stumbling block, it seems to have been developed with the Expectation that everyone using it would use the same Privileged Account!

I would like to see the ability to tie this Private vault search item as a feature request. However the inability to edit user settings in the current state is a bug imho

Clock2 mths


You are indeed free to call this a bug, but we are driven by community requests and have gone in line with feature requests of our user community, while being subject to approval of architectural decisions by the CyberArk team.

As this stage, we are working on adding "Prompt with list", which is a huge advancement in our integration.

After that release, we very well could implement having a CyberArk PAS entry in your private vault, this would be better then a private vault search because their API has now moved to using accountIds, which allows us to add that hard link to a specific safe/account combination. Their textual search returns a list of entries when there is a partial match and it would prevent us from being able to use an entry in this case.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


Clock2 mths