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Feature Request - Option to expand folder automatically when opening a Repositorie

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I have been recently deploying a new RDM setup with many (~35) remote sites. I am using repositories as is best practices and only giving users who work on these sites access.

Seeing most of these sites have almost exactly the same structure/requirements I found it was much quicker and consistent to build up a folder structure with pre-applied permissions and use this as a kind of template. From here I copied this structure to the new repositories (using new IDs) as there is no way to quickly copy root permissions from one repository to another.
Doing this just saves a lot of time, no scripts required or time spend applying the same permission over and over again to each site.

It has turned out well but every time a user goes to the repository they have to expand out this top folder before they can see anything else. It would be good to have a checkbox option on any type of folder making it automatically expanded.

This could also be useful to automatically expand frequently used sub folders saving more time/clicks??


Clock10 mths

I will verify but this is not the expected behaviour. The root should be expanded by the default. Just to confirm, it only the first time you load in the repository that this happen?


David Hervieux


Clock9 mths