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Software/Serial entry type expansion

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Would like to be able to add attachment (eg. pdf receipt) to 'Software / Serials' entry

Would also be great to work with reminders in some way (eg. when it comes time for renewal or expiry)

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Hello Brendo,

which data source do you use? Which RDM version? It's already possible with advanced data sources

Regarding the reminders - it is possible to use the Renewal date property from the serial entry and set an custom period for Software renewal expiring delay

Then you'll receive for the configuring period a notification in the status bar - by click on the icon you'll see a list with expiring entries.


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Ahha, I see it, thanks. I have the overview part turned off and that tab does not appear in the properties or when viewing the object


The notification part works great. Wish it was a bit more obvious

v14.0.6.0 | MS SQL

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If the Overview and/or the Attachments tabs are missing, you just need to do a right-click beside the latest tab and select the tab(s) that you would like to be present.
2018 11 27 08 06 19

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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