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Search between repositories and add credentials to connections

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Hey Devolution Team!

I have the following feature request:

We have three different Repositories

One for RDP Connections (Server Team)
One for Passwords and Websites etc. (Server & Network Team)
One for SSH Connections (Network Team)

Sometimes you want to search over all the three repositories and you want to add a credential from the "Password Repo" to the "RDP Connection Repo".
Is it possible to add this feature to RDP-Manager? It will be very helpful and a great solution :-)

PS: We love RDP Manager (Password Server) and we will never go back to Windows RDP manager.

Clock4 mths

This is already on our todo list. I hope to have something for the next majore release.


David Hervieux


Clock4 mths

Dear Devolution Team

We also do have this exact same request!

At the moment, we do have too many entries so the Database is getting slow (only when editing entries, searching is fast... really strange).
So the provided solution from the support is to split our Database into multiple Repositories, what we are considering at the moment.

The problem is, we have around 200 customers and it is not always clear where an entry for a specific customer is located (because of subsidiary companies etc.)
So we are dependent on a search over all entries, like we have it now with everything in one database.

We really love RDM and would like to keep investing into your software, so this feature would be most welcome and appreciated!

PS: can you already tell a rough timeframe when such a featur could be implemented (somewhere in 2019?)

Clock4 mths

Hello Guys

Any news on this topic?

Clock3 days

We are currently implementing this.

David Hervieux


Clock2 days